In 2012, Megan competed in her first half-marathon, as well as a triathlon with Team in Training. She conquered both races like a pro and moved on to train for a marathon. She was planning to run the Twin Cities Marathon in October 2012 with her friend and SLU teammate Sammi McCloud. Megan never had the opportunity to run that race, but Sammi ran in Megan's honor. Several of Megan's friends have followed suit, wearing t-shirts with Megan's name that read "Always going the extra mile with laughs and smiles."

The quote from their t-shirts describes Megan perfectly - here she is smiling her way through the triathlon:

Here is a list of races that friends have run for Megan so far:

- Sammi McCloud - Twin Cities Marathon

- Chrissy Zaegel - St. Louis Marathon

- Whitney Kramer - Kentucky Derby MiniMarathon

Alyssa Rio - 500 Festival Mini-Marathon

The Boken family has been blessed to meet a new friend who also runs in Megan's honor, Steve Lutz. Steve ran the Chicago marathon and the Boston Marathon wearing a shoelace from one of Megan's running shoes. 

Here's Steve running the Chicago marathon wearing a huge smile, in true Megan Boken fashion. Thanks to Steve and all of Megan's friends who keep her spirit alive through running!