A-10 Defensive Player of the Week

Megan was interviewed for KSLU after being named A-10 Defensive Player of the Week in August 2010. Megan was excited about the award and the start of her senior year with the Billikens. It's evident that she's an intelligent, focused player and a great leader.



Anne Kordes

Anne Kordes coached Megan for four years at SLU. When Anne sought out Megan during the recruiting process, it was clear that Megan was not only an asset on the court but also had a fun-loving personality that would bring energy and vitality to the team. Anne always saw something special in Megan and helped her grow into an amazing young woman.

Anne filmed this video about Megan before Megan's "Senior Day," a special celebration before the team's last home game during a player's senior year. It's the perfect tribute to Megan and shows what an impact she made on the volleyball program.


Anne recently wrote this beautiful article where she shares memories about recruiting and coaching Megan. It's a must-read!




Visiting Chaifetz Arena brings back so many memories of Megan - from the volleyball team's first tournament in the Arena where they upset Stanford in 2008, to her graduation ceremony in May 2011.

And then there's the time she picked up the microphone in the practice gym and started singing "Empire State of Mind," thinking that only her teammates could hear. She didn't know that the microphone was actually piping her voice throughout the entire arena. Megan was unwittingly serenading people in every corner of Chaifetz - even in the weight rooms. She got compliments on her Alicia Keys rendition the rest of the day!

This banner, hanging in the Chaifetz practice gym, reminds us of the big, bright, larger-than-life personality Megan had. She was born to compete and loved to win - but even more than that, she loved to laugh and shared so much happiness with others. We miss you, Megan!